Why Auto Body Repair Certifications Matter


Have you ever brought your vehicle in for auto body repairs and received terrible service in return? Whether it’s paintless dent repair or major collision service, it’s vital for the shop you choose to have backing their work. The auto body repair industry is saturated with lots of different businesses who claim to know how to fix every make and model. Before you take your car in for repair,.

Why Should I Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop with Certifications?

Missouri mechanics are not required by law to be certified, so taking your vehicle to a certified professional ensures they have sufficient knowledge in vehicle diagnostics and repair.

At Dents Unlimited, our team of expert technicians strive to provide quality service on every project through continuing education and certifications.

With almost a dozen certifications under our belt, the Dents Unlimited team is dedicated to providing each of our customers with excellent service. Here’s a quick snapshot of our auto body repair certifications and how they impact the way we work your vehicle. Additionally, you can find more information by visiting our ‘Certifications’ page!

Certified Assured Performance Certification

Dent’s Assured Performance certification provides our team with an in-depth background to understand manufacturer specifications and guarantee proper fit, finish, durability, value and safety for your vehicle.

Assured Performance Collision Care Certification

With Assured Performance Collision Care, Dents Unlimited has certified training to meet the highest standards of business ethics and customer service.

Fiat Chrysler Automobile Certification

Fiat Chrysler is the seventh-largest automaker in the world! With this certification the Dents Unlimited team has developed critical tools, equipment and training to properly repair your vehicle.

Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center Certification

Dents Unlimited’s certification with Hyundai gives our team the proper training, facilities, tools and equipment to correctly repair any Hyundai vehicle.

Infiniti Certified

Dents Unlimited has participated in formal training in following Infiniti’s strict repair standards and our team knows how to professionally take care of all replacement parts for your vehicle.

Nissan Collision Repair Network Certified

The Dents Unlimited team is equipped with the skills necessary to perform high-quality repairs using the most appropriate parts for Nissan makes and models.

Honda Profirst Certified

Dents Unlimited’s Honda ProFirst certification, gives our team the tools, equipment, training, knowledge and resources to repair your Honda vehicle quickly and properly.

Spies Hecker

Dents Unlimited’s Spies Hecker training includes intensive certification process and training. Because of the certification’s requirements our team are mid-Missouri’s experts in work safety, surface pretreatment, preparing and refinishing plastic parts, functional materials, colors, paintless dent repair and color management, refinishing process and application error. Because of our relationship with Spies Hecker, you can count on Dents Unlimited to complete your paint job with excellence.

Ford Recognized – National Bodyshop Network

Our certification with Ford & the National Bodyshop Network provides Dents Unlimited the proper training, facilities, tools and equipment to correctly repair your Ford vehicle.

I-Car Gold Certified

With Dents Unlimited’s I-Car’s Gold Certification, you can rely on our team to have the information, knowledge and skills needed to complete quality repairs benefiting our customers.

Are there any certified auto repair near me?

Yes! As mid-Missouri’s premier auto body repair shop, our goal is to provide quality customer service by having the know-how to get the job done right and answer your questions. With every job we take on, we hope to improve our customer’s experience with auto technicians and mechanics. At Dents, we hold each of our team members to the highest standard while pushing ourselves to be the expert in the auto body repair industry.

If you need help with car repairs in Columbia and the surrounding mid-Missouri area, then call Dents Unlimited or stop by our shop off Big Bear Boulevard today for a free quote on any service work!


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