What To Do When You Ding Your Car


Fall is almost here, which means traffic will increase across Columbia, Mo. Our city is full of commuters trying to get the perfect parking spot, especially downtown. Dings are bound to happen with so many drivers pulling in and out of parking garages and lots. In the event of a dent, ding or scratch, let our team at Dents Unlimited be the auto body repair shop you choose.

At Dents Unlimited, we take pride in our car dent and door ding repair work. We know exactly how to fix a dent in a car, whether large or small. In fact, our team has been certified to effectively repair dents on all major makes and models. On top of our certifications, we have plenty of experience backing our dent repair services. Over the years, we have repaired over 3,500 vehicles while keeping customer satisfaction as our top priority.
Dings happen. When you’re in need of minor auto body repair, be sure you are going to a trusted technician. To help you get on the right track we gathered the top three questions we receive from clients regarding dent repair in Columbia, Mo. Take a look!

What’s the difference between collision repair centers and auto body repair shops?

Great question! We touch on this a little more on our ‘Auto Body’ (internal link) page, but let us give you a quick rundown here.

Collision Centers: Collision centers may only work on certain makes and models or they may have extensive wait times for repairs. However, collision centers are bigger and employ a wide-range of automotive technicians.

Auto Body Repair Shops: Auto body repair shops target specific needs while servicing a wide-range of automotive requests. This is where Dents Unlimited comes into the picture. We strive to make our work seamless and clean. In fact, our goal is for car owners to forget they were in an accident.
Plus, our auto body repair certifications gives you the satisfaction of knowing our team is well-trained and equipped to handle any repair job. From minor car dent repair to rebuilding the frame, an auto body shop can handle any problem.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

At Dents Unlimited, Paintless Dent Repair is our specialty! In fact, we’ve worked hard to be the premier Paintless Dent Repair shop in Columbia, Mo.

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is an ideal way to resolve a small door ding (and in some cases, multiple dents) on your vehicle. Once your car is in our shop, we use a tool to gently work-out the dent from the inside.

Good news! If you only have one dent and it’s small, it could be fixed quickly. Unfortunately, larger dents can take more time to fix, but the results are completely worth it!

Will Dents Unlimited Give Me A Written Estimate For My Insurance Company?

Of course! We work with most insurance agencies, plus we have a great system to communicate with your agency quickly and efficiently. Feel free to stop by and get a free quote, then request a written estimate to send to your insurance provider.
Door dings and car dents easily happen, but don’t let the effect of a minor ding diminish your car’s value. Let the experienced auto body repair technicians at Dents Unlimited take care of you today!


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