Dents Unlimited is the only shop in mid-Missouri that specializes in paintless dent repair. Since 2006, technicians at Dents Unlimited have successfully repaired over 3500 vehicles in mid-Missouri using paintless dent repair, while maintaining a 5-star customer rating online.

What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a repair process involving specialized hand tools, rods, and reflection lights in order to gently massage dents from the underneath or back side of a vehicle’s outer panels until the factory shape of the panel is restored. From a Dents Unlimited PDR service, you can expect:

  • A careful analysis of your car’s exterior
  • The seamless repair of any bumps, dents or dings on your car
  • A quality-assured dent restoration of your car’s exterior

Since today’s vehicles are finished with a more flexible paint and clearcoat technique than older vehicles, PDR is now the insurance-recommended form of repair for hail damage and other minor dents. However, while it is a valuable technique, PDR is not without limitations. Sometimes, dents that are excessively deep, severe, or inconveniently located cannot be repaired through PDR. In these instances, we typically recommend our collision repair services.

PDR: How It’s Done

In short, PDR can be understood twofold.

  • First, we assess the size, severity and location of the dent (or dents);
  • Then, a trained technician will carefully conduct the long, yet worthy, PDR process.

Performing PDR, technicians slowly push on the deepest section of the dent hundreds of times or more until the damaged area is back to level with the surrounding surface. Bringing the dent to pre-damaged condition slowly is critical, since it ensures repairs are performed without affecting your factory paint finish in any way, which in turn preserves the resale value of your vehicle.

What makes Dents Unlimited different from the rest?

At Dents Unlimited, you can expect to receive service from only certified, experienced, and quality technicians who take pride in their work and put their customers first.. As long as you are the registered owner of your vehicle, we can carry out almost any necessary repairs —guaranteed! (To be clear, this guarantee covers anything directly related to the repair, including interior trim, paint issues related to the repair, and overall customer satisfaction.)

Unlike many fly-by-night competitors who come to mid-Missouri only when there is a hailstorm and leave as soon as they’ve sufficiently lined their pockets, Dents Unlimited will be around for the long haul, standing behind our work and our customers.

And better yet, Dents Unlimited is unique in central Missouri. We are capable of handling repairs requiring paintless dent repair as well as conventional paint repair for vehicles with more extensive damages or dents that aren’t repairable using the paintless dent repair method. This makes Dents Unlimited the only shop in central Missouri capable of performing all of these services in-house with our own technicians.