Get the Best Auto Body Repair in Columbia, Mo. with Dents Unlimited

Taking care of your car can be a lot of work. With so many parts and pieces, it’s easy to miss an oil change or forget to check your transmission. We have good news for those of you who are overwhelmed with the upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle!

No matter what your car needs, Dents Unlimited has you covered when it comes to auto body repair in Columbia, Mo. Our auto body repair department is equipped with cutting-edge equipment for services such as major engine work, suspension work, oil changes, brake repair and just about everything else needed to service your vehicle.


On top of our wide-range of services, the Dents Unlimited team is full of highly-trained auto body repair mechanics working to deliver services with efficiency and reasonable cost.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, our technicians will take care of your car. From inspections to tires to tune ups, Dents Unlimited is here to help. Check-out a description of the auto body repair services we provide for our customers.

Brake Repair

If your brakes are squeaking, grinding, pulling or vibrating, schedule a brake appointment with Dents as soon as possible!

Our brake and auto body repair technicians will replace brake pads/shoes, resurface brake rotors or drums, or replace brake fluid as needed. It’s important to get your brakes checked at least once a year to keep them responsive and to avoid the potential for costly replacements.

Diagnostic Services

Why is my Check Engine light on?

Has your “check engine” light ever come on? Do you know what it means? Let us properly diagnose why your vehicle’s check engine light is on.  Our certified auto body repair mechanics will figure out what caused the light to come on and how to fix your car’s problem. Plus, once we’re finished we’ll reset the check engine light on your vehicle.

Electrical Repair

Dents Unlimited’s expert auto body technicians use specialized diagnostic equipment to access your vehicle data in case of any electrical problems. We’ll thoroughly inspect your car’s battery, as well as possible battery replacement, adjust cables and review your engine’s diagnostics to troubleshoot problems. It’s important to get your electrical system checked, as every car relies on a fully functioning electrical system.

Engine Repair & Replacement

We can fully rebuild, replace, and/or repair your engine should you face any problems. Rebuilding an engine is quite extensive, so do not rely on an auto body repair shop you do not trust! The Dents Unlimited team will repair, replace or rebuild your vehicle’s engine with accuracy and precision.


Overtime many components of your vehicle face various weather conditions and unruly roadways. These elements can completely wear out the exhaust components of your vehicle. At Dents Unlimited, our auto body repair mechanics provide comprehensive exhaust and muffler services inspecting any component not functioning at full capacity.

Mufflers and exhaust not only help quell engine noise, but they also protect you and your passengers from dangerous carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide fumes.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Factory scheduled maintenance is your basic 30/60/90/120K mile auto body service for your vehicle. Scheduling factory-recommended maintenance services extends the life of your vehicle and prevents future costly auto repairs. All of the Dents Unlimited auto body mechanics are certified to work on a wide-variety of makes and models!

Heating & Cooling

Having proper heating and cooling for your vehicle is not only important to you and your passengers, but it’s also important for the overall well-being of the vehicle itself. Your heat and air conditioner work from the same coolant, and flushing and filling the antifreeze in your radiator is essential to keeping your engine running cooler while preventing overheating, freezing and corrosion.

Missouri Vehicle Inspections

Keeping your vehicle’s state inspection up-to-date is important for safety and insurance. We’re certified with the state of Missouri to conduct motor vehicle safety inspections including tag and license renewal, VIN verification, salvage titled vehicle examinations and school bus inspections. We also perform all required services and repairs to pass inspection should mechanical problems be found.

Oil & Lube

Typically, every car needs an oil change every 3,000 – 6,000 miles. However, if you’re experiencing a loud engine, fluid leaks or your service engine light is on, give Dents Unlimited a call! Our oil changes are anything but standard. We also provide services such as tire checks, lubrications of all fittings and much more.

Shocks & Struts

Your car’s suspension system is integral to your safely while driving on the road. No matter what twists, turns or bumps in the road you may experience, Dents Unlimited guarantees your suspension system is taken care of by our expert auto body repair mechanics.

Steering & Suspension

Did you know checking steering and suspension could help eliminate premature tire wear and save you hundreds of dollars? At Dents’ auto body repair shop, our team will thoroughly inspect and replace all vehicle shocks, struts and springs.

Heads-up: Replacement of these parts tends to change existing wheel angles, therefore wheel alignment is also recommended with this service.


The Dents Unlimited team wants your wheels to keep turning. You can count on our shop to repair, replace, inflate, rotate, balance and nitro fill your tires.


Your transmission is important, and so is changing your car’s automatic transmission fluid and filter. This keeps your transmission clean and it also prevents premature wear and damage to the vehicle’s gears.

Is your vehicle standard? The clutch is also a critical component of your vehicle. It connects the engine to the transmission and it allows the engine to keep running, even when the wheels stop.


Tune-ups keep your vehicle running efficiently. A tune-up could entail a number of things such as checking worn electronic engine components, replacing work spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters. Plus, an auto tune-up adjusts your vehicle’s idle and timing, as well as adjusting your vehicle’s clutch.

Wheel Alignment

At Dents, we have our alignment specialists measure, evaluate and correct wheel angles when it comes to 4-wheel vehicle alignment. Our specialists also ensure weight is properly distributed around all tires and rims. We also thoroughly inspect steering and suspension systems, as well as fully and completely adjust wheel angles so they’re perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Dents Unlimited is proud to service Columbia, Mo for auto body repair needs.  We provide a number of services to provide whatever check-up your vehicle may need. Give Dents Unlimited a call today and set up an appointment for a free estimate for your vehicle.


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