Hail Today, Dents Tomorrow: Dents Unlimited Has You Covered During Storm Season

Springtime in Missouri brings a lot of new beginnings: baseball season, beautiful blossoms, and, unfortunately, the start of hail season. According to the University of Missouri Climate Center, 60% of thunderstorms occur throughout Missouri between May and August. During these months, Missourians are more likely to experience hail, which can greatly damage the exterior of a vehicle. At Dents Unlimited, we specialize in auto body repair, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and most prevalent to this season, hail damage repair.

Dents Unlimited can perform any type of hail damage repair on your vehicle
Our Paintless Dent Repair technicians have successfully repaired over 3500 hail-damaged vehicles in central Missouri since 2006

Step 1: Confirm the hail damage

Let’s say you do fall victim to damage during an intense Missouri storm. Your vehicle has been hit with hail and is covered in dents from bumper to bumper. The first step in making sure your car makes a full recovery is to contact your insurance representative to confirm your insurance plan does cover hail damage. (If it doesn’t then you might want to consider getting coverage, as the MU Climate Center states Missourians experience hail at least 2-3 times a year!) If it is covered on your insurance plan then you’ll need to schedule a time with a claims adjuster to have them inspect your vehicle to assess the amount of hail damage before you’re able to get an estimate on repairs.

Step 2: Get an estimate from Dents Unlimited

How do you go about getting an estimate for your insurance provider? The Missouri Department of Insurance only requires one estimate from the insured individual to determine coverage so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time bouncing around between auto repair shops to collect a handful of paperwork. You can either call Dents Unlimited or stop by for a visit and we’ll give you an estimate free of charge.

After you’ve received your estimate from us we can even take care of submitting the paperwork to your insurance on your behalf. Or if you choose to submit the paperwork yourself and don’t mention us by name then you’ll run the risk of your provider choosing a lesser qualified auto body shop and following their estimate as a guideline for repairs instead. (A lower estimate could mean the difference of OEM certified parts!) Be sure to let them know you want to use Dents Unlimited for the repairs. We are happy to work with your insurance to provide our services.

Step 3: Let Dents Unlimited repair the damage

Once your vehicle is in our shop our certified technicians will work to restore the exterior no matter the severity of the hail damage. Whether it needs Paintless Dent Repair in only a few areas, conventional paint repair or requires an entire panel to be replaced, Dents Unlimited will put in the time and energy to provide you with quality work and get you back on the road quickly.

Springtime in Missouri doesn’t have to be synonymous with stressing about the weather. Hail damage can be frustrating, and Dents Unlimited is dedicated to managing your repairs as seamlessly as possible. We’re certified by the Assured Performance Network, which ensures our team is qualified to repair any type of vehicle, no matter the make or model. Additionally, our Paintless Dent Repair technicians have successfully repaired over 3500 hail-damaged vehicles in central Missouri since 2006. We’re also proud to say we’ve maintained a 5-star customer rating online.

Inclement weather might cost you, but figuring out the extent of the damage shouldn’t. Call or stop by Dents Unlimited for a free estimate today!


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