Wheel Alignment

When a 4-wheel alignment is undergone at Dents Unlimited, alignment specialists measure, evaluate and correct wheel angles so they’re set to vehicle manufacturer specifications. In addition, they:

  • Ensure proper distribution of weight around all tires and rim assemblies
  • Thoroughly inspect steering and suspension systems
  • Fully and completely adjust wheel angles so they’re perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other

Why is a wheel alignment important for my vehicle?

Proper wheel alignment will improve the safety of your vehicle, creating a smoother ride and increasing fuel efficiency overall.

Alignments can end up saving you hundreds of dollars on tire replacements due to premature tread wear.


When should I bring my vehicle in for a wheel alignment?

Typically, most manufacturers will recommend getting a 4-wheel alignment at least once annually. However, you may need a 4-wheel alignment during other times as well, such as:

  • After the purchase of a new set of tires
  • After a collision, accident, or after hitting a large pothole
  • When you’re replacing suspension or steering parts
  • If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side while driving
  • If your steering wheel feels unstable or if you feel a harsh vibration
  • If your tires are wearing unevenly or squealing on turns.