Over time, different climate conditions and normal road wear can damage, break or completely wear out exhaust components. The comprehensive muffler and exhaust system services carried out by the experts at Dents Unlimited include:

  • Comprehensive inspection of all exhaust components
  • Replacement of all exhaust parts that are broken missing or malfunctioning


Why is it important to have my vehicle’s muffler and exhaust serviced?

Muffler and exhaust maintenance is helpful not only because it helps minimize engine noise — it also helps protect you and your passengers from dangerous carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes and aids in reducing pollutants released into the atmosphere. The emission system in your car:

  • Directs harmful gases from your engine exhaust away from the inside of your vehicle
  • Reduces the severity and amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere
  • Minimizes the noise coming from your engine exhaust

So how often should I get my exhaust system checked?

At Dents Unlimited, we recommend that you have your vehicle’s exhaust system checked out at least once a year. We think this because:

  • It’s easy for you (and everyone around you) to tell when your muffler needs repair
  • Your emissions system can have the other, more serious problems that aren’t quite so obvious to detect
  • Pinholes, stuck valves, loose brackets and catalytic converter malfunctions in your exhaust system could end up allowing deadly carbon monoxide to leak into your vehicle