Diagnostic Services

“Check Engine” Light

When the certified experts and technicians at Dents Unlimited perform engine diagnostics checks, they start by transmitting information from your car’s computer into a diagnostic tool. From here, the technician will evaluate the engine diagnostics service, combining the performance data with his own knowledge and experience to:

  • Properly diagnose why your vehicle’s check-engine light is on
  • Develop a recommendation to repair your vehicle
  • Show you related symptoms, possible causes and indicate the degree of urgency with which you should get your vehicle serviced
  • Reset the check-engine light

Why is regular engine maintenance important for my vehicle?

A lot of critical problems can go unnoticed and are almost impossible for even a certified technician to pinpoint without a professional diagnostic tool. What’s more, if your check-engine light is on, engine diagnostic services are the absolute best way to determine the exact reason why. There are plenty of possible reasons for an illuminated or flashing check-engine light:

  • Regular scheduled engine maintenance (like an oil change) may be due
  • Sensors or the brake system may require reset or adjustment
  • There may be issues with your vehicle’s computer or electrical components

How often should I have my engine serviced?

Your vehicle uses dashboard lights to display critical information. If the check-engine light is illuminated, you should take your vehicle in immediately. For optimal vehicle safety and reliability, engine checks should be a part of your annual vehicle maintenance, even if your check-engine light isn’t on.