Insurance Repair

Dents Unlimited can carry out any repairs your insurance provider wants done to your vehicle.

Sometimes after an accident or hail storm, insurance adjusters will look at your vehicle to determine the extent of damage and write the preliminary estimate for repair. At these drive-ins, they may try to lead their customers to their “direct repair” or “preferred” shops because their business is in the insurer’s financial interest — not necessarily because those shops perform higher-quality repairs. Additionally, smaller insurers may request that you produce more than one estimate for repair, although that is unnecessary per Missouri law.

Dents Unlimited guarantees all work for as long as you own your vehicle. We strongly encourage customers to do some research about the company chosen to provide repairs. Dents Unlimited technicians have repaired thousands of collision and hail-damaged vehicles over the past decade and we take pride in each and every repair. We hope you choose our technicians to repair your vehicle and thank you for your patience during these very busy times.

  • 1. It is always your choice where to have your vehicle repaired.
    • a. If an insurance company is pushing you to use a particular shop, it is often because the use of their contracted shop is in the insurer’s financial interest. That said, an insurer-recommend shop is not always the most qualified or effective business for hail and auto body repair. Dents Unlimited works with all insurance companies equally, making the repair of your vehicle our top priority.
  • 2. Under Missouri law, an insured individual only has to produce one estimate for an insurance company.
    • a. It is not your job to spend hours traveling to multiple shops for estimates. If your insurance company wants more than one estimate, they can send adjusters out for a second estimate — simply tell them that in Missouri, the law states that only one estimate has to be submitted if requested.
  • 3. Beware of the “get you to schedule” estimate.
    • a. Many shops and fly-by-night dent repair businesses will intentionally write a low estimate to get you to schedule your repair, only to raise the price with insurance adjusters once the car is dropped off for repair. At Dents Unlimited, we write estimates complete with all necessary operations and replacement parts listed to get your vehicle back to pre- accident condition with the exception of any potential hidden damage that is not visible at the time of initial inspection. This may make our estimate higher than another shop’s estimate and perhaps higher than your insurance appraisal. We will work with all insurance companies to request supplemental payment for hidden damage discovered after disassembly or items they may have missed on their initial appraisal to ensure your vehicle is repaired completely and safely. The most you will ever pay out-of-pocket at Dents Unlimited is your deductible, regardless of differences between our estimate and the insurance appraisal.